Motivational Monday!

My Motivation for the day is leaving your Comfort zone. This is my First Motivational Monday Blog but I promise, it won’t be my first!

I have been Motivated more now then I have ever been in my life. I have been down in the dumps for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I have been happy with my life, happy for the people in my life, happy for my house and my animals. Even being happy, being comfortable in that aspect I have been lost. I have been un-motivated and too comfortable in my ways. I realized after all the darkness that I have encountered in my lifetime that no change is no fun.

When you have an opportunity, you need to take it. Take that opportunity whether it is for school, work or just for you and you alone. Step out of your comfort zone. Are you afraid to do something that you know in your heart is the right thing to do? What is stopping you? Think really hard on the obstacles in your way. Just take a minute and think really hard on how you can move those obstacles out of the way and start making changes. Change is good!

When I started doing things such as making video’s and writing my blogs, working from home has been my ultimate motivation. I have felt so much better about myself. Leaving my comfort zone has opened endless opportunities for me. This will happen to you too, only if you want it to happen. In able to make things happen, you have to change.  Change the whole situation, change your state of mind. Once you accomplish that, then you will be happier too!

Change is good, step out of your comfort zone, that kind of change never hurt anybody!


Thank you for listening.


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